Choose the best course for the later production

To manufacture forming parts successfully and profitably today, it is no longer enough only to focus on the forming process. It's important to evaluate the characteristics of the forming machine, to optimize the part flow thorugh but also to find the ideal combination of a variety of possible standard parts.

Machine specific die design

Selection of suitable standard parts

Flow planning and collision analysis for 3-Axis transfer

No matter if a new die is to be designed or an existing die is to be relocated to an other press. In both cases, it must be ensured that the die and the machine work well together.

Decisive for this are the nominal force-travel and the working capacity of the press. As well as admissible off-centre loads and an optimal force application to the press are of main interest.

Depending on the planned production volume and in particular for the dies used on servo press, it is important to select the appropriate standard parts.

Die provided for a 3-Axis transfer system offer great potential for optimization. A well-planned part-flow helps to reduce start-up risks and is the basis for an excellent output.

Your benefit:

  • Machine characteristics are checked for admissibility by experts
  • Second and independent expertise

Your benefit:

  • Cost reduction by selecting ideal standard parts
  • Reduced maintenance efforts and costs
  • Increased plant availability and better forming part quality

Your benefit:

  • Minimized machine downtimes due to shortended die start-up
  • Safe and collision free part transportation
  • Higher ouput rates

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