Your copilot to success

Whether progdie or transfer automized process - with my experience of 17 years in the press and tooling environment, top performance is guaranteed.

The full possibilities of your system are maxed out. On conventional, mechanical presses with freely programmable 3-axis transfer, the main task is to ensure a collision free part transportation while increasing the ouput rate. On servo presses, there is also the option of optimizing as well as the stroke rates and the forming part quality but also improve the die endurance.

Die start-Up

Output optimization

Saving ressources

Support during the setup process of new or relocated forming dies.

You are bothered by capacity and ressource problems and want to make the most of your production facilities?

Foresight and sustainablitiy in determining the setup parameters not only helps to protect our environment but also increases your profit.

Your benefit:

  • Shortened set-up times
  • No own setter personnel necessary
  • Concentration on the essential - parts production

Your benefit:

  • Holistic view of press, automation and forming process
  • Productivity enhancements with existing equipment and personnel
  • No own personnel with specialized and extended knowledge needed

Your benefit:

  • Minimized energy costs
  • Reduction of equipment and die wear
  • Optimal and best use of auxiliary and operating materials

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