Because interdisciplinary teams are more successful

Sheet metal forming parts can be manufactured on multiple ways. Thus, often the most obvious solution must not be the best and most profitable one.

Through my machine oriented view I can help you to focus, right from the beginning, to the best manufacturing process.  For that the metal forming part and an initial plan of the forming process take center of my evaluation.

Production principle

Machine type selection

Is the sheet metal forming part feasable beeing produced on a press? Shall the forming part beeing produced in progdie or transfer mode?

Based uppon the forming process and the resulting forming forces the available machines are evaluated for their suitability to produce the sheet metal parts.

Thus the characteristical properties of the machine, like available working capacity and  nominal force travel but also the off centre loads are examined.

Your benefit:

  • Estimation of production costs based uppon chosen transportation principle (progdie/transfer)
  • Second and independent expertise

Your benefit:

  • Consideration of the machine characteristis rigth from the first step of the die design process
  • Shortened die design time
  • Ideal and customized manufacturing process on a particular machine allow output and effectivity maximization


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