Industry 4.0 / IoT - but also under the earlier keywords "Digital Factory" and "Digital Machine" there is a lot of buzz about software for simplification and improvement in forming technology. Forming simulations have become an indispensable part of everyday life and cover forming simulation. The apps presented here fill the gap between method & tool design and make production plannable and optimizable through stroke rate calculation. An approach in the sense of frontloading to shorten development times and increase production efficiency at the same time.

Below is a sneak preview on the following software, which will be available soon:



This is the direct continuation of the method plan into a virtual and kinematic flow/throughput plan. The advantages are obvious. Even complex tool and motion actions are simulated dynamically, according to their kinematics. Collisions can be visually detected and corrected either in the die design or by changing press and transfer parameters.


The special feature of this solution - the achievable stroke rate is calculated for the selected settings, thus making productivity plannable.

Forming forces
& off-center loads

The production of stamped parts with multi-operation tools necessarily leads to an off-center load on the ram of the press. This results in ram tilting, which must be resisted by the drive train of the press and the guides. This tipping has an influence on the drawing and cutting gaps of all forming processes. In the worst case, the admissible off-center load limit of the press is reached, causing the overload protection of the press to be triggered. As a result, a press with a much higher tonnage has to be selected.


This tool for calculating the process and operation forces avoids such a situation. The eccentricity can be evaluated and optimized immediately after the method planning. In addition, it also offers the possibility of calculating the force buildup over the slide stroke. A possible cutting shock can thus already be avoided by changing the forming operation layout / methodology.

Economic benchmark - ROI & OEE

Back up your decisions with verifiable and comprehensible costs. On the basis of an OEE forecast, i.e. the consideration of availability, output and quality influences, you can select the most profitable alternative. This tool offers you the flexibility to evaluate a wide range of investments, whether machines, tools or production technologies.

Virtual kinematic transfer simulation
FEProfit Invest and ROI calculation

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