Engaging a service is the easiest and quickest way to achieve improvements. Based on the following service modules, potentials can be uncovered and measures and goals for the future can be defined from them. When it comes to tasks that are performed infrequently and irregularly, a service tends to be the preferred choice in the context of a make-and-buy decision.


Examples of various services with a modular structure give you an overview of the range of services offered below.


1. Performance Benchmark

The output of stamping presses depends significantly on the parameters selected. Optimally defined parameters require a holistic understanding of the cause-and-effect mechanisms of the system, consisting of metal feeding, slide motion, transfer motions, and the removal of finished parts interacting with the die.


How optimal is your setting? What level is your equipment operating at? Is output being wasted or can productivity be increased by optimizing the settings? What are the causes of this and what measures can be taken to remedy the situation?


Would you like to have answers to these questions and get feedback on how efficiently your presses are being operated in the press shop? Opt for a performance benchmark and get answers to these questions.

Scope of services:

  • Analysis of the ACTUAL setting parameters and examination in the real production process
  • Detection and analysis of process bottlenecks
  • Deriving and implementing optimized setting values to increase the stroke rate and/or to reduce the wear on the equipment
  • Discussion with suggestions for improvement

Your benefits:

  • Expertise & specialized knowledge in press set-up (servo, 3-axis transfer & progressive).
  • Potential determination of the press line performance
  • Improvement measures can be implemented in cooperation and with a single contact person

2. Stroke rate and process optimization

The introduction of servo motors in press automation and later also in press drive technology opened up countless possibilities for process, clearance and also stroke rate adjustments. However, in order to exploit the full potential offered by this, the individual line components must be perfectly matched to one another in their interaction with the dies.

The aim of this service is, by optimal adjustment of the machine parameters, the achievement of the best possible

  • part quality
  • output
  • Increased Tool life & reduced machine wear and tear

on your forming machine.

You can rely on years of successful and practical expertise in process optimization on a wide variety of machines from different manufacturers.

Scope of services:

  • Analysis of the ACTUAL adjustment values and evaluation within the real production process
  • Identification and evaluation of obstructing process bottlenecks
  • Adjustment of optimal, part- and tool-specific motion curves for servo-press, 3-axis transfer and coil feed
  • Testing of new setup parameters on the system with the aim of process optimization and stroke rate increase

Your benefits:

  • Expertise & specialized knowledge in setting up conventional or servo-driven systems in a total context including automation and tooling technology.
  • Highest output rates, process reliability, machine protection and thus increase of productivity and profit within hours
  • Independently of the manufacturer of the machine and system components

3. Virtual kinematic colision simulation of a transfer tool in 3D

Would you like to get the maximum out of your transfer press without any detours? Are you tired of revision and optimization loops for new dies or do you want to be able to manage a tool relocation project safely and without unnecessary downtimes? Call on the service of virtual kinematic simulation of machine and die movements. The digital twin of your tool design reveals collisions between the moving machinery and tool components, thus ensuring clearance.

Scope of services:

  • Processing of 3D CAD data for kinematic analysis based on *STEP / *IGS data - CAD neutral, independent of your used CAD system
  • Visualization of the moving 3D geometry for collision evaluation
  • Identification of optimization potential for increasing the stroke rate

Your benefits:

  • Risk minimization
  • Time and cost savings
  • Statement on the stroke rate in the design phase

4. Motion and flow simulation of new forming equipment to safeguard investments

New press line or process concepts often have unique selling propositions and significant potentials. For a better evaluation of the associated opportunities and risks, the part flow from feeding to removal of the finished part can be virtually and kinematically represented. Critical spots become visually apparent and controllable. The complex interaction of all movements can be optimized in terms of timing already in the planning stage and the expected output rate can be calculated.

Scope of services:

  • Sequence simulation of all relevant, moving 3D geometries of parts, press line and tools on the basis of the transmitted 3D CAD data.
  • Set-up and optimization of movements on the basis of the designed machine.
  • Simulation report

Your benefits:

  • Visualization of the moving 3D geometry for collision and time sequence evaluation, enabling the evaluation of alternatives and early stage design optimization
  • Identification of optimization potential to increase the output rate and estimation of the expected stroke rate at the design stage
  • Matching the specifications senarios and production needs by simulating different production cases.

5. Investment consulting of metal forming equipment

No matter whether you are faced with the decision of a new investment, a retrofit or the upgrade of an existing press line.


Based on your production goals and the range of products to be manufactured, I will support you with background knowledge from machinery engineering to compare alternatives and select the right manufacturing equipment.

Scope of services:

  • Requirements management and evaluation of manufacturing needs in terms of necessities for the selection of the right technology
  • Classification into "must have" and "nice to have" features
  • Support in the creation and review of specifications
  • Technical comparison and evaluation of offers
  • Estimation of the return-on-investment
  • Support at the performance run as well as the acceptance procedure of the installation
  • Supplier selection for offers

Your benefits:

  • Independent and neutral evaluation based on the perspective of the equipment
  • Time saving due to focus on the relevant supplier circle and the required technology
  • Background information from press development and objective comparisons

6. Economic profitability calculation concerning an investment decision

This is where the results of the virtual kinematic tool or press line simulation and the associated investments as well as costs come together. The result is an evaluation of the economic feasibility of an investment in terms of its profitability and payback period. An independent view thereby offers confirmation and the possibility of validating own results.

Scope of services:

  • Comparison of costs (invest, fixed and variable costs) in relation to the output rate of an forming machine, a tool or a related invest in order to select the most profitable alternative.
  • Estimation of the production volume per period based on an OEE calculation or by default
  • Discussion of different scenarios in terms of their economic implications.

Your benefits:

  • Economic comparison of several alternatives and identification of the most profitable solution.
  • Unbiased and solution-oriented viewpoint
  • Technical perspective with a strong practical orientation ensures reliable and realistic result

7. Force over stroke build-up and process force calculation for die development

With the calculation of the force build-up in each tool/operation, i.e. the consideration of the current force acting in each slide position, not only the correct system for the application can be selected and the slide tilting can be minimized. In addition, other process factors such as cutting shock (reverse load) can be visualized. Thus, based on variables determined in the forming method / strip layout, the final forming process can already be designed in a machine- and process-optimized manner.

Scope of services:

  • Calculation of the resulting force curve of the individual forming operations, taking into account the position on the press table and the effective time in relation to the slide position.
  • Representation of the force curve graphically before and after bottom dead center. (F-S chart)
  • Representation of the effective resulting force per die operation, with respect to its position on the press bolster.
  • Evaluation of the off-center load with respect to the slide position - dynamic off-center load.

Your benefits:

  • Calculation of off-center forces at the moment of action, which means that a smaller press size may be used for certain circumstances
  • Optimization of the process order to reduce cutting shocks (reverse tonnage) and slide tilting
  • Gentle and robust forming processes prevent early wear and downtime of the press

8. Do you have any need to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the press shop?

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