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03. January 2020
The stroke rate of progressive and transfer presses can be significantly increased by the optimal adjustment of the process parameters. The success of such a process optimization is usually expressed by the increase in stroke rate. But how much additional output must be achieved so that the costs of this effort can be economically justified?
21. November 2019
Whether you want to prepare yourself for the challenges that industry 4.0 / IoT or e.g. as a reaction to electromobility brings, there are many reasons why you want to recruit experts for your company. Providing know-how and expertise in new business fields or niche areas is always a challenge. We also encounter these challenges in our everyday lives, even beyond the above-mentioned trendy and visionary directions.

21. November 2019
Egal ob Sie sich für die Herausforderungen, welche sich durch Industrie 4.0 / IoT oder z.B. infolge der Elektromobilität, wappnen wollen – Experten für sein Unternehmen gewinnen zu wollen hat vielerlei Beweggründe. Knowhow und Expertise in neuen Bereichen oder in Nischenbereichen vorzuhalten ist immer eine Herausforderung. Diese begegnen uns auch im Alltag, auch abseits der oben genannten, trendy und visionären Marschrichtungen.
03. November 2019
Blechexpo and Fabtech trades are just around the corner, and for me this is heralding the final phase of the working year. This is the time to regularly spend time planning and designing the new year. Residual budgets can be of great help in implementing corporate goals and promoting your own employees. To think about the new year in time offers a personal advantage in the new year and increases the anticipation of a merry Christmas.

26. October 2019
Great efforts are made to increase the production quantity of forming machines. Those responsible diligently create value stream analyzes, constantly optimize setting values, invest in modern production equipment and much more in order to increase output. A concrete and outright structured analysis of the process bottleneck helps to address the causes with efficient means and leads to a sustainable improvement.