December fever - or merry Christmas? ... burn resources or start with a vision in 2020?

At the end of the year, it is time to look back at companies. The year 2019, which is in its final phase, was certainly very exciting for many. In the automotive, but also in the non-automotive environment, we are experiencing a blatant change - from an over-utilization to a strong restraint and uncertainty.


The positive thing about this situation is that there is now more time to realign, to optimize processes, and to show the appreciation to the own staff that has earned after the steady increases of the last 10 years.


Use the opportunity of the turn of the year to prepare your sheet metal forming production as well as your staff in the best possible way for the coming challenges. Especially if you have not yet exhausted budgets for training, education or efficiency increase, you invest this sustainable in your future and in a successful 2020. So do not fall into a December fever in how to spend residual budgets, to avoid future cuts, but use company resources for a prospective, sustainable investment!

Here is an overview of concrete workshops, coaching and services to increase efficiency. Contact me for an individual offer tailored to your needs and ensuring your competitive advantage in the New Year.

Services, workshops and coaching for OPTIMAL 2020

Slide motion optimization at servo presses

Duration: 1-2 days



  • Motion definition
  • Velocity adjustments
  • Stroke height and pendular motions
  • Identifying process bottlenecks

3-Axis Transfer – Best motions

Duration: 2-5 days



  • Motion defintion
  • Acceleration as the cause of vibrations
  • Clearance vs. Output

Flow- and output planing based on interference curves

Duration: 1 day



  • Basics of interference curve analysis
  • Usage of interference curvew within CAD environments
  • Colision detection

Die design for servo presses

Duration: 1 day



  • Die design based on press characteristics (off-center loads, nominal force, working capacity)
  • Suitable standard elements for different processes

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