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05. April 2020
We are receiving dramatic pictures and messages these days. But isolated glimmers of hope - as is currently the case at the petrol pumps - delight the consumer. And I am sure that just as the sun rises again after every night, we will overcome this crisis together. Would you like to know how you can save on training in sheet metal forming? Webinars for press setters provide basic knowledge for the optimal parameters of servo presses and/or for 3D / 3axis transfers.
25. March 2020
Social distancing? Low order volumes? What about the health of the loved ones? …? A resource that is very rare in normal times - time - has been made available in the production environment. Webinars offer an ideal opportunity to increase the knowledge of your employees while respecting the present ban on human contact. Use the time that has become free during these days without further interruptions in production, without affecting shift schedules to increase future productivity.

03. January 2020
The stroke rate of progressive and transfer presses can be significantly increased by the optimal adjustment of the process parameters. The success of such a process optimization is usually expressed by the increase in stroke rate. But how much additional output must be achieved so that the costs of this effort can be economically justified?
03. January 2020
Durch optimale Einstellung der Prozessparameter an Folgeverbund- und Transferpressen kann die Taktzahl der Anlagen beträchtlich erhöht werden. Der Erfolg einer solchen Prozessoptimierung wird in der Regel durch die Hubzahlsteigerung ausgedrückt. Doch ab wieviel mehr Ausbringung ist eine solche Maßnahme auch unter wirtschaftlichen Gesichtspunkten profitabel?

21. November 2019
Whether you want to prepare yourself for the challenges that industry 4.0 / IoT or e.g. as a reaction to electromobility brings, there are many reasons why you want to recruit experts for your company. Providing know-how and expertise in new business fields or niche areas is always a challenge. We also encounter these challenges in our everyday lives, even beyond the above-mentioned trendy and visionary directions.
03. November 2019
Blechexpo and Fabtech trades are just around the corner, and for me this is heralding the final phase of the working year. This is the time to regularly spend time planning and designing the new year. Residual budgets can be of great help in implementing corporate goals and promoting your own employees. To think about the new year in time offers a personal advantage in the new year and increases the anticipation of a merry Christmas.

03. November 2019
Die Blechexpo steht vor der Tür und bei mir läutet diese die finale Phase des Arbeitsjahres ein. Dies ist die Zeit, in der man sich regelmäßig auch mit der Planung und Konzeption für das neue Jahr beschäftigt. Restbudgets können bei der Umsetzung von Unternehmenszielen sowie der Förderung eigener Mitarbeiter eine große Hilfe sein. Sich rechtzeitig Gedanken zum neuen Jahr zu machen bietet einen persönlichen Vorsprung im neuen Jahr und mich auf ein besinnliches Weihnachten zu freuen.
26. October 2019
Great efforts are made to increase the production quantity of forming machines. Those responsible diligently create value stream analyzes, constantly optimize setting values, invest in modern production equipment and much more in order to increase output. A concrete and outright structured analysis of the process bottleneck helps to address the causes with efficient means and leads to a sustainable improvement.

26. October 2019
Große Anstrengungen werden gemacht, um die Fertigungsmenge an Umformautomaten zu erhöhen. Die Verantwortlichen erstellen pedantisch Wertstromanalysen, optimieren stetig Einstellwerte, investieren in Moderne Fertigungsmittel und vieles Mehr, um damit die Ausbringung zu steigern. Die konkrete und unverblümte Beschreibung und Analyse des Prozess-Bottlenecks hilft den Ursachen mit effizienten Mitteln zu begegnen und führt dadurch zu einer nachhaltigen Verbesserung.
29. May 2019
State-of-the-art and high-performance stamping equipment in the press shop and yet the desired production volume is far from being achieved? ... or do you think a specific sheet metal component / tool should in principle achieve a higher output rate, even though it is much slower in real terms? With the following easy-to-use tips, you can identify potential optimization potential for more stroke rate and ask your setup staff the right questions.

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