Stamping productivity – Get ready for uncomfortable weather

Not only in water and yachting the skipper's prudence is one of his basic tasks. Lightning, gusts, sudden wind can make the boat very dangerous. If the ship and crew are prepared in good time for the changed situation, this ensures the necessary security and the successful survival of the external force of nature.

Decline in order numbers of forming parts, fewer projects, risk of recession - these are current concerns in the production environment of forming machines. With such changed entrepreneurial conditions, one is confronted after a phase of very high utilization. Again, it is important to ensure the "safety and ease" of production by “reefing the sails” - the through an optimal adaption of the machine & transfer settings - for a sustainable economic success of the company as lean as possible.

Even in a situation of decreasing production volumes, much is centered around the stroke rate. But there are also key figures such as batch size reduction and thus the tool change time, the energy requirement per manufactured component or the reduction of maintenance efforts in the focus. The features of servo presses offer great potential for optimization, but it is also worthwhile looking at conventional presses to smoothen the transfer process.


  • Output increasement: reduce production times, e.g. offering the potential to reduce a shift; Create potential for the following goals
  • Drive energy-optimized press curves on servo presses: lower energy consumption, thus lower electricity costs
  • Run conventional & servo driven presses with gentle motion profiles for less tool & tool wear

Especially in an environment of decreasing production numbers, there is more time available to optimize existing machine processes. This can be used to align and tune ship and crew to the changed economic conditions, by optimizing press and transfer settings.


The story of the chickens and the fence is certainly known to you - in the current environment, the right time has come to repair the fence and reposition its production for the coming!

You would like to optimize the processes at your plant and put them in the ideal condition? You want to improve your cost structure and maximize output per time?




I stand with my expertise at your disposal and am "ready" for the next maneuver:

Service: Process optimization for 3-axis transfer and progdie process



  1. Analysis of the actual situation together with your set-up / operating personnel
  2. Develop a strategy for optimization based on the machine’s capabilities and features
  3. Improvement and optimization of press & transfer parameters
  4. Trial run and documentation




at your machine



depending on number of dies:

about 1-2 dies / shift

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