Webinars for press setters – Saving money on training


Dramatic pictures and stories reach us these days.


However, isolated rays of light - as is currently the case at the petrol pumps - give us comfort and delight the consumer, and just as the sun rises again after every night, so we will overcome this crisis together.




However, low fuel prices will not increase press performance and will not compensate for falling demand from customers.


There is another way to save costs in the surroundings of servo or transfer presses.


Save on travel expenses and do something for the build-up of your team's know-how through the following webinars:


The following webinar modules for stroke rate managers in the press shop and stamping shop are available immediately:


Programming of servo Press curves tailored to tool and workpart needs

How-to setup 3-axis transfer movements

Specifically, the ram curve on servo presses is defined manufacturer-dependent and differs from one manufacturer to another. However, the basic principles behind this are tool and component-dependent and thus universally applicable.


This means that the basic principles for an optimized servo slide curve is the same and can be applied to any press.

Electronic and freely programmable 3-axis transfer systems can be optimally adapted to the conditions by programming.


By changing the start and stop angles for each axis, the movement can be adapted to the given clearance. On the other hand, process reliability can be increased by defining the angles with low acceleration, and the wear on guides and drives of the transfer system can be reduced.

 This Webinar's objectives:

  • Description of how to determine tool-specific values for curve programming
  • Influence, dependencies and determination of restricting velocities of the press slide
  • Full stroke or pendulum stroke - what is the best stroke height?

This Webinar's objectives:

  • Setting of the 3-axis transfer motion to the lower and upper part of the tool
  • Understanding the circular chart "read
  • Setting accelerations and speeds using angles
  • Determine characteristic tool locations for motion modeling
  • Proper programming of part controls

Duration: app. 3 hours

Duration: 2x app. 3,5 hours

(2 sessions)


  • Computer with Internet connection incl. workstation
  • Permission to install plug-ins or apps, if needed.
  • Microphone and camera for interaction
  • Maximum 6 participants per session for best results
  • Minimum of 3 participants


You decide whether you want to participate in an open webinar with participants from other companies and encourage interaction, or whether the webinar is tailored exclusively to your needs with a minimum of 4 participants.



Are you interested as a person responsible for the press shop, process and output optimization or as a setter? Please contact me via the contact form to receive information on dates and costs.


May we remain optimistic & healthy!

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